We’re on a road to somewhere

I get lost easily.

It’s not something I trained on, but it’s perhaps a side-effect of spending so much time indoors. So when I go outdoors, I am semi-reliant on street signs.

Which doesn’t really work if there aren’t any.

Living in Leicester, I am sure the motorists among us would chastise me for the incomprehensible layout of our one way system, but at least you can find out which way to go. (Hint: It means looping around the entire city, usually)

This came to a head recently when I was picking my way through King’s Lynn of all places. On arrival at the station, I walked outside and pulled out my handy phone map. Which then refused to find a satellite.

So, I went walking because I had got a rough idea of where it was from the map earlier.

Street signs? Still none to be found.

And then on a music shop, there was the street name of where I was going. Rah!

But where did it start? I was at a crossroads and it could have gone up or down the street from that point. And the music shop was on a corner. As far as I knew, the road could loop around that corner.

I decided to head towards the centre of town, figuring that it was the most likely to contain the lower numbers, like the one I was after. Still no signs though.

So, I walked down passed 103… no more numbers…135? Oh what? I am going the wrong way.

I turn around and head back to the music shop, and from then I cross the road and head out, numbers going down.

And then I see a road sign and it’s the wrong road.

Ok. I head back to the music shop and head around the corner. Now it’s not even numbered and I am heading into an industrial district. I decide to make the best of a bad situation and head back onto the street I was on earlier.

Once there, I nip into the nearest shop to ask the way.

Inside is a man telling the proprietor about how his family were gassed during the War. I calmly wait my turn and ask him about something far less important.

At this point I find out that King’s Lynn was under threat by the Germans in the War and the numbers on the street were reversed to fool them, and were never changed back.

Just as I got out of the shop, a helpful little street sign pointed out I was on the right road, and almost certainly at a better time.



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