Jean Therapy

I don’t know what it is about Denim.

I mean, I know it’s from the French town of Nîmes, but it’s less about its history and more about its look.
Simply put, on the right person it’s great, and on the wrong person…it shows off a multitude of sins.

The most annoying thing though is that you’ll never know which you are until someone else looks at you. Status Quo can get away with it, Jennifer Lopez can get away with it – and I bet you never thought you’d hear those two compared, but some people…just no.

And I’m worried I’m one of them.

Trousers are all well and good but they are very smart-casual at the best of times, and sometimes you just want to be 100% casual. Not smart at all. And for those times, jeans work wonders.

But then you see the other jeans. The baggy jeans, the denim dungarees, and the smart jeans. Now hold on a moment, but if jeans are now smart, and holed jeans are even smarter…where does that leave life’s casuals? We can’t even get trainers anymore that are a good size without being branded, air-bagged and tagged.

But go to a club and it’s “No jeans and trainers”. Not that I ever go to those clubs, but what do people expect when they casually cast aside casuals?

I think it’s perhaps they know that if you’ve taken the time to be smart, you do not want to ruin the affect by drinking the cheap beers or fighting.

Pity that as soon as you start drinking, that’s all gonna change anyway.

So, either we would like a clear difference between smart and casual, or jeans should be there solely for slobbing about in.

Because then I can justify them as a working uniform.


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