Follow Friday

Possibly one of the weirdest constructs to come out of Twitter.

Every Friday, or some fridays, or never, you are supposed to tweet the hash tag #ff or #ffs (which means something else normally) and then list all the people you enjoy.

This can present some problems.

First of all, there is 140 characters to use. My twitter name alone accounts for 17 characters, so if anyone wants to say I am worth following, there can only be about eight others. This leaves me in a very elite crowd.

Secondly, I know some very diverse people. Will my scrupulous journalistic friends enjoy the humour of my foul-mouthed anarchist friends?

Thirdly, What happens if I miss someone out? Should I give a reason?

Fourthly, if I know someone’s already being followed, why should I ask them to be followed again. Most of my friends will be following Stephen Fry, for instance, because…he’s Stephen Fry. If I have a follow friday of Fry, then who am I directing it to? And woe betide me if I say Steven Fry instead…

No, all in all, I think it’s much easier for people who think I am quite a good chap to look at my follow list. Now I just need to get Twitter to make those lists easier to see, and without reminding me that Old Twitter is about to disappear.

No it is not, dear, or you’ve lost a customer. New Twitter is awful.


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