Going Gaga

I like Lady Gaga. As a singer/songwriter gestalt, she produces some catchy tunes.

But now she’s been announced as “The Most Downloaded Artist In History”* and I feel this fails on four major accounts:

  • MTV think it’s Jacko.
  • I’m assuming all these downloads are the legal ones…not the pirated ones. The legal ones, which only add up to five percent. Allegedly.
  • History? As Al Murray says “History isn’t over yet.”.
  • Artist? Well, Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist. (As was Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael). Vic Reeves is an artist. Are we really saying that Poker Face et. al. beats the Mona Lisa, the Sistene Chapel, and The Battle of Hastings?

Perhaps we should re-word that to say “The Most Legally Downloaded Living Singer/Songwriter Gestalt in Recorded History As Far As We’re Aware”?

Or just…”Here’s Lady Gaga”?**

* This quote came from the X-Factor. I would verify it, but that would mean watching it.

** “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” would just be crazy. No-one would know who she was.


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